About Us

Who is thoughtfulcoffee:

photo credit: @boyingenes

We are a one-person nanoroaster operating out of Brooklyn (Williamsburg/LIC). We roast light, and the profiles we seek out are fruity, floral, and balanced funk. Here are some additional links to learn more: (instagram / blog)

Our values:

Transparency: We aim to be transparent with our business. We try to be as explicit as we can with both our pricing and our process, and our customers appreciate it.
Humane: We aren’t in this for the money, we are in this to build relationships with people and share a cool product with our community. It’s a nice addition that people are willing to pay us for our work.
Quality: We won’t sell you anything we wouldn’t drink. We cup every batch, and pull anything that’s not up to our standards.

But if you want to learn more...

I'd suggest you take a look at our blog. I write a lot about my thinking there, so perusing my blog content is the best way to understand what thoughtfulcoffee is about.