thoughtfulcoffee x [your cafe]

version 1.1.1

About us:

We are a one-person nanoroaster operating out of Brooklyn (Williamsburg/LIC). We roast light, and the profiles we seek out are fruity, floral, and balanced funk. Here are some additional links to learn more: (instagram / blog)

Our values:

Transparency: We aim to be transparent with our business. We try to be as explicit as we can with both our pricing and our process, and our customers appreciate it.
Humane: We aren’t in this for the money, we are in this to build relationships with people and share a cool product with our community. It’s a nice addition that people are willing to pay us for our work.
Quality: We won’t sell you anything we wouldn’t drink. We cup every batch, and pull anything that’s not up to our standards.

What working with us might look like:

  • A relationship that transcends just a coffee transaction. I’d be happy to find ways to collaborate with your cafe to bring an elevated experience for your audience – whether this be doing a popup, hosting a tasting, or whatever else comes to mind!
  • Hands on support with the coffees. If you aren’t happy with a batch, we’ll take that batch back no questions asked.

The current coffees:

Coffee Status of coffee (In transit, Dialing in, Ready for purchase) 120g Bags (RRP / 20% discount) 2lb Bags (RRP / 35% discount) 5lb Bags (RRP / 40% discount)
Edwin Noreña Black Honey Sidra Dialing in $15.00 (retail) / $12 $104.80 (retail) / $73.36 Per request (email us!)
Andres Cardona Semi-Washed Castillo + Colombia Dialing in $10.00 (retail) / $8.00 $67.37 (retail) / $47.15 Per request (email us!)
Wilton Benitez Advanced Fermentation Washed Pink Bourbon Dialing in $14.00 (retail) / $9.80 $82.00 (retail) / $53.88 Per request (email us!)

How we operate:

  • We roast every other Saturday, quality control over the weekend, and ship the following Monday/Tuesday. So please order ahead of time if you want to ensure to get your coffee when you need it.
  • No minimum is required to participate, but if you spend more than $50, we’ll offer free shipping/delivery.
  • We will usually provide a pourover brewing guide with each coffee so you can quickly get up to speed. We don't have an espresso machine at the moment, so we can't provide assistance there yet.

What people say about our coffees:

  • Really loved the Lychee. Never had a coffee like it. I tried to pull an americano with it and it came out incredible.
  • Koji. I wish I had better words but it was so unique and delicious. That level of fruity + complex is exactly why I love interesting coffee.
  • Honey Pink Bourbon w/Tartaric Acid + Orange. This coffee was just bursting with flavor and scent. Unique, delicious, and one of my best cups of the year.

Interested in moving forward?

Version changelog

  • v1.1.1
    We've removed the option for 5lbs. If you are interested in that option, please contact us and we'll see if we can accomodate.

    We've reworked discount percentages for <2lbs, 2lbs to respectively 20%, 30%. The reasoning behind this was we were giving too big of a discount for <2lbs, so the difference between that tier and 2lbs didn't make sense.