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Bai Ma High Ferment Natural Catimor

Bai Ma High Ferment Natural Catimor

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This coffee will be part of coffee club V5. We will make this ready once we have it dialed in, so check back again in the future, or follow @thoughtfulcoffeenyc to get updated.


Origin: China
Region: Menglian County, Yunnan
Bai Ma
Laicheng Dong
High Ferment Natural
1350 masl
Profile: Heavy Funk
120g bag or 240g bag

About the coffee:

High-ferment to Yunnan Coffee Traders (YCT) is a double fermentation. The cherries sit in ecotact bags for 2-3 days, then are spread out to dry until they reach 40% moisture. The cherries are then bagged again for 4-5 days and do final drying on raised beds in a parabolic dryer for 28 days.

About the farmer:

Baima is a bit of an odd story. There is an old man who lives on the Baima mountain and he loves coffee (that is very unique, because most people in Yunnan drink tea, even coffee farmers). He planted coffee trees because he wanted to produce his own coffee. A few years ago, the changed over to only producing naturals.

The Baima mountain is famous for its white flower. Baima means white horse. The white flower is a local delicacy and enjoyed by the local villagers. The old mans coffee farm is surrounded by the white flowers and the view is breathtaking.

Roaster's notes:

I'm just happy I'm able to share coffee from my culture. This coffee leans more on the funk and red fruits profile.

Brewing Notes:

Go coarse with this bean. This coffee is very punchy, and its flavor profile is very forward. I've been brewing with a V60, and doing a 60mL bloom + 240mL pour. I've found that there's enough depth with this method, that I opted to skip multiple pours.

Additional Notes:

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