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Finca Campos Hermoso Black Honey Sidra

Finca Campos Hermoso Black Honey Sidra

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This coffee will be part of coffee club V6. We will make this ready once we have it dialed in, so check back again in the future, or follow @thoughtfulcoffeenyc to get updated.


Origin: Colombia
Region: Circasia, Quindio
Finca Campo Hermoso
Edwin Noreña
Black Honey
1550-1600 masl
Profile: Spiced Florals, Black Tea
120g bag or 240g bag

About the coffee:

The cherries are picked once mature through manual selection. Then the cherries were set in an enclosed, low oxygen environment to ferment for 56 hours. The coffee was then dry-pulped, and put again into a low oxygen environment to ferment for 48 hours. After this stage, the coffee was laid out to dry on the raised beds for roughly 15 days.

About the farmer:

Edwin Noreña is a fourth-generation coffee grower, a trained agronomist and agroindustrial engineer, and an overall innovator with coffee. With 20 years of coffee production experience, his dedication to specialty coffee is impressive. Not much more I have to say other than to trust this man's talent in growing delicious coffee.

Roaster's notes:

This was a weird one on the cupping table. I've never had a coffee that tasted pleasantly spiced. It wasn't a very flat spice (had a few of those), rather it was very delicate. This is a weird one, and will definitely help stretch your understanding of how coffee can taste. 

Brewing Notes:

Been brewing with my usual Hario Switch 60ml bloom / 240ml immersion recipe, and have been very much enjoying the results. In my opinion, this bean doesn't need a lot of rest. Even post-roast, I was able to express the spiced floral notes.

Additional Notes:

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