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Coffee Club V4

Coffee Club V4

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The Coffee Club V4 box will contain three bags of coffee each being 120g or 240g. The total amount of coffee you'll be receiving will either be (120g x 3) or (240g x 3)!

If you have any questions, shoot me a message over at @thoughtfulcoffeenyc.

You can read more about the coffees/process/thinking on the blog post!

The three coffees we'll be highlighting this time around will be:

Washed Y-05 Lychee Castillo:

Origin: Colombia
Region: Cauca
Farm: El Paraiso
Farmer: Diego Bermudez
Varietal: Castillo
Processing: Washed w/special fermentation
Elevation: 1960 masl
Profile: Fruity, Chocolate, Prickly Texture

Natural Gori Gesha:

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Bench Maji
Farm: Gesha Village
Varietal: Gori Gesha
Processing: Natural
Elevation: 1973-2069 masl
Profile: Delicate Fruit 

Natural Piramide SL-28:

Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Central Valley
Farm: Hacienda Sonora
Farmer: Alberto & Diego Guardia
Varietal: SL-28
Processing: Natural Piramide
Elevation: 1300 masl
Profile: Balanced Funk



We will roast and ship your order within two days. We estimate orders to be delivered within 2-5 days after we've handed it to the carrier.

Return policy

Due to the perishable nature of coffee, we currently do not accept returns on coffee purchases. However, if you are not satisfied with your coffee purchase, please contact us at

We will address your concerns and accommodate when possible.

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