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Coffee Club V5

Coffee Club V5

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Each Coffee Club V5 box will contain:
* 1 bag of the High Ferment Natural Catimor
* 1 bag of the Double Anaerobic Washed Orange Bourbon
* 1 bag of the Black Honey Peach Co-Ferment Caturra

The bag size for each will be 120g or 240g depending on what size you choose.

The next roast date will be the weekend of 02/10. Expect delivery notifications on 02/12.

If you decide to do pickup, it will be in front of my apartment (5 minutes from the Lorimer/Metropolitan Ave stop)

If you have any questions, shoot me a message over at @thoughtfulcoffeenyc.

The three coffees we'll be highlighting this time around will be:

High Ferment Natural Catimor:

Origin: China
Region: Menglian County, Yunnan
Farm: Bai Ma
Farmer: Laicheng Dong
Varietal: Catimor
Processing: High Ferment Natural
Elevation: 1350 masl
Profile: Heavy funk
Ease to brew: Easy (would go well with a percolation-style brewer)
Cost for us per lb (including transport): ~$8.21

About the coffee:

High-ferment to Yunnan Coffee Traders (YCT) is a double fermentation. The cherries sit in ecotact bags for 2-3 days, then are spread out to dry until they reach 40% moisture. The cherries are then bagged again for 4-5 days and do final drying on raised beds in a parabolic dryer for 28 days.


Double Anaerobic Washed Orange Bourbon

Origin: Colombia
Region: Cauca
Farm: Granja El Paraiso 92
Farmer: Wilton Benitez
Varietal: Orange Bourbon
Processing: Double Anaerobic Washed Fermentation w/Thermalshock.
Elevation: 1900masl
Floral, Lightly Sweet, Orange Blossom-like
Ease to brew: Medium (likely will need an immersion-style brewer)
Cost for us per lb (including transport): $14.11

About the coffee:

The coffee was first carefully screened by its density and size. The qualifying coffee underwent sterilization under UV, then cleaned and washed. The first phase of fermentation was for 52 hours in bioreactors, adding a specific strain of yeast (Saccharomyces pastorianus) to bring out the fruity notes. The cherries were then de-pulped and put under a second fermentation for 42 hours. The coffee then underwent a thermal shock process where the coffees were immersed in 40C water, then removed and placed into 12C water. This drop in temperature helped minimize oxidation by "shocking" the bean and closing the pores of the parchment. The cherries were dried in a mechanical dryer until ideal moisture content was achieved.


Black Honey Peach Co-ferment Caturra

Origin: Colombia
Region: Quindío
Farm: Fincas El Placer
Farmer: Sebastian Ramirez
Varietal: Caturra
Processing: Black Honey w/Peach Co-ferment
Elevation: 1744masl
Profile: Sweet Peach
Ease to brew: Easy (would go well with a percolation-style brewer)
Cost for us per lb (including transport): ~$16.25

About the coffee:

Ramirez explains that this coffee was produced using a co-fermentation process that involved wine yeast, dehydrated fruit, and fruit glucose, resulting in a distinct peach flavor profile. First, the cherries were collected and classified, then they underwent anaerobic fermentation using wine yeast for 120 hours. Next, the de-pulped cherries were subjected to a 72-hour anaerobic fermentation with CO2 injection and the addition of dehydrated fruit and fruit glucose.

Throughout the process, pH levels were continuously monitored, and the coffee was dried slowly and carefully in marquesinas at 40 degrees Celsius.


We will roast and ship your order within two days. We estimate orders to be delivered within 2-5 days after we've handed it to the carrier.

Return policy

Due to the perishable nature of coffee, we currently do not accept returns on coffee purchases. However, if you are not satisfied with your coffee purchase, please contact us at

We will address your concerns and accommodate when possible.

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