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Finca La Indonesia Washed Pink Bourbon

Finca La Indonesia Washed Pink Bourbon

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This coffee will be part of coffee club V7. We will make this ready once we have it dialed in, so check back again in the future, or follow @thoughtfulcoffeenyc to get updated.

This listing will be updated with more info as I progress through my dialing in process. Pricing may change depending on potential change in fulfillment process.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Nariño, La Union
Finca La Indonesia
Frank Torres
Pink Bourbon
1870 masl
Profile: Clean
120g bag or 240g bag

About the coffee:

The harvested Pink Bourbon cherries were measured for their sugar content, ensuring a reading of 22 degrees Brix before processing. The cherries were floated in water to remove defects, and then washed in an ozonated water mixture. The remaining cherries were put into food-grade plastic and dry fermented for 48 hours before being depulped. The depulped coffee than undergoes another dry fermentation for 72 hours. The coffee is then rinsed, and dried on beds for 20-25 days. Finally, the process is finished with 1-2 hours a day of unconvered sun exposure.

About the farmer:

Finca La Indonesia has been producing exceptional coffee for over 40 years. This farm is a Torres family family inheritance, and is currently being worked on by Frank Torres.

Frank Torres has been passionate about coffee ever since he was young. He started by working for Starbucks' specialty coffee program, as well as a green coffee buyer.

Torres's focus on improving farming practices has helped him turn 90% of his farm organic as a way to preserve soil conditions and protect his crops.

Roaster's notes:

I apparently can't get enough of pink bourbons. This cupped clean, with hints of floral. I initially thought this was a geisha on the cupping table.

Brewing Notes:


Additional Notes:

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