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Granja El Paraiso 92 Double Anaerobic Washed Orange Bourbon

Granja El Paraiso 92 Double Anaerobic Washed Orange Bourbon

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Origin: Colombia
Region: Cauca
Granja El Paraiso 92
Wilton Benitez
Orange Bourbon
Double Anaerobic Washed Fermentation w/Thermal Shock
1900 masl
Profile: Delicate, Floral, Orange Blossom-like
120g bag or 240g bag

About the coffee:

The coffee was first carefully screened by its density and size. The qualifying coffee underwent sterilization under UV, then cleaned and washed. The first fermentation phase was for 52 hours in bioreactors, adding a specific strain of yeast (Saccharomyces pastorianus) to bring out the fruity notes. The cherries were then de-pulped and put under a second fermentation for 42 hours. The coffee then underwent a thermal shock process where the coffees were immersed in 40C water, then removed and placed into 12C water. This drop in temperature helped minimize oxidation by "shocking" the bean and closing the pores of the parchment. The cherries were dried in a mechanical dryer until ideal moisture content was achieved.

About the farmer:

Wilton Benitez is a Colombian producer with over 12 years of experience in cultivating some of the world's rarest coffees. Benitez is a chemical engineer turned high-end coffee grower, coupled with his coffee experience, he's produced some wild coffees.

Roaster Notes:

I don't think I've ever tasted the flower "orange blossom," but if I were to guess, this coffee would have hints of it. This coffee has delicate qualities; it's not as punchy and citrus-forward as typical oranges (think the honey pink bourbon w/orange peels) but more floral and light tea-like in sweetness.

Brewing Notes:

I tend to grind my beans on the finer side. I've been opting to brew with a Hario Switch, and following the recipe of 60mL (bloom for a minute) + 240mL (steep for ~3-4 minutes). I've found the coffee to open up after 1 week of rest.

Additional Notes:

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