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Hacienda La Papaya Natural Gesha

Hacienda La Papaya Natural Gesha

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Origin: Ecuador
Region: Saraguro, Loja
Hacienda La Papaya
Juan Peña
2000 masl
Profile: Complex, Red Fruits

About the coffee:

This Gesha represents the first harvest of Hacienda La Papaya Gesha, first planted in 2018 with seeds from Boquete, Panama. The cup profile is complex, with a fruit driven acidity. The process sees a traditional cherry rotated numerous times daily for 25 days on raised beds.


About the farmer:

Hacienda La Papaya is owned and operated by Juan Peña, one of Ecuador's most famous specialty coffee producers. He has been recognized for many top producer awards in Ecuador, and his coffee has been utilized in many competitions. 

Juan grows many varieties, most notably Typica, Sidra, and Gesha. He is always actively engaged with processing experiments, and tries to make the improvements to the coffee.


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