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Hacienda Sonora Natural Piramide SL-28

Hacienda Sonora Natural Piramide SL-28

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Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Central Valley
Hacienda Sonora
Alberto & Diego Guardia
Natural Piramide
1300 masl
Profile: Balanced Tart, Funk
120g bag or 240g bag

About the coffee:

This coffee was dried using a "Piramide" process, where the coffee are covered early in the afternoon when the temperature is hot, then piled up in a pyramid layered way to modulate the temperature of the cherries throughout the day. This helps to even out the fermentation and avoid the development of "boozy" flavors sometimes associated with naturals. This coffee was dried for a total of 12 days.


About the farmer:

Hacienda Sonora is part of a family operation that goes back five generations in Costa Rica's West Valley region. The Guardia family have farmed here for over 100 years.

The farm is currently under the management of Diego Guardia, the farm has decided to move away from more water-intensive process methods, favoring honey and dry process instead.


Roaster's notes:

What attracted me to this bean was its processing, and I loved how it had notes of slight tart, slight sour, and a slight amount of funk. Pretty much, a very balanced bean.

I’m super happy I got this one as it helps pull the spectrum of flavors for this round from sweet, and blueberry-like to something more on the sour and tart.

Check out the SL-28 Brew Guide section for tips on how to brew.


Roast profile:

Additional Notes:

Your coffee will be roasted within one week of your order. You will not be receiving month-old coffee from me. You should be given the choice of how long you want the coffee to rest. That choice isn't mine to take.

Currently, our guaranteed roasting days are Friday/Saturday nights. I roast based on order to guarantee you fresh coffee.



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