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Humure Abishyizehamwe Low Oxygen Natural

Humure Abishyizehamwe Low Oxygen Natural

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This coffee is part of coffee club V7

Next roast date: July 26th

Origin: Rwanda
Region: Gatsibo, Rwanda
Washing Station: Humure Abishyizehamwe 
Farmers: Local smallholder farms
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Low Oxygen Natural
1800 masl
Profile: Watermelon, heavier funk
120g bag or 240g bag

About the coffee:

The cherries were first sorted for any visible defects. The cherries were then floated to discard the less dense cherries at the top. The denser cherries (at the bottom) were then packed and sealed into plastic tanks and left to ferment for 72 hours. After this fermentation period, the cherries were turned onto raised drying beds for drying.

Once the moisture content reached 20%, the cherries were covered with mesh netting for five days before exposure to full sun. At 15% moisture content, the cherries were moved under complete shade for five days before being exposed again to full sun. Both ways of drying were thought to alter the rates of drying to promote more fruit flavor complexity. The total drying period was 38 days for this coffee.

About the farmer:


Roaster's notes:

This coffee is slightly on the funky side. It's not umami funk, but more tart and dry funk. What really drew me to this bean was I got light and brief hints of watermelon on the cupping table. It felt like the perfect bean to throw into a summer lineup.

Brewing Notes:

I wouldn't suggest pushing for extraction with this one. I've found that the bitter notes become very apparent if you go down that route.

I've found going a full (EK43) tick coarser with a single pour recipe (+ immersion) to work well. I've also found that you really need this coffee to cool before you get the fruitier notes. When hot, you also kinda get sharp bitterness.

I'd let this coffee rest 2 weeks minimum if possible.

Additional Notes:



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