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Koji Caturra w/Thermal Shock

Koji Caturra w/Thermal Shock

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Origin: Colombia
Piendamo, Cauca
Granja Paraiso 92
Wilton Benitez
Mixed Koji Fermentation w/Thermal Shock
Profile: Sweet, yeast-forward
120g bag

WARNING: This coffee was processed with koji spores! If you are allergic to oranges, please reconsider.

About the coffee:

From the start, only ripe cherries were picked and used. The selected cherries were then sterilized under UV rays, cleaned, and washed. Afterward, the cherries were placed in a bioreactor to be fermented. During this step, cherries were inoculated with the koji spore and were fermented for 60 hours at a controlled 20C. After 60 hours, the cherries were pulped and underwent a thermal shock process where they were first immersed in water at 40C, then into cold water at 12C. This shock in temperature helped minimize further oxidization during drying by closing the pores of the parchment with cold water. The cherries were then dried in a mechanical dryer until they achieved ideal moisture content.

About the farmer:

Wilton Benitez is a Colombian producer with over 12 years of experience in cultivating some of the world's rarest coffees. Benitez is a chemical engineer turned high-end coffee grower, coupled with his coffee experience, he's produced some wild coffees.
Per his instagram you can see some of his accomplishments (Best cup of Cauca 2021 / World Coffee Fair 2021 WCF / The Golden Bean 2022 / Expoeje 2022 Coupping).

Roaster's notes:

The first time I tried Wilton's coffee was through a leaderboard challenge. Prism coffee works showcased a coffee from Wilton, and it was by far my favorite of the coffee offered during that round. It had a yeast-y, sweet taste that I never expected from coffee.

Roast profile:

Additional Notes:

Your coffee will be roasted within one week of your order. You will not be receiving month-old coffee from me. You should be given the choice of how long you want the coffee to rest. That choice isn't mine to take.

Currently, our guaranteed roasting days are Friday/Saturday nights. I roast based on order to guarantee you fresh coffee.


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