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Diego Bermudez Washed w/Special Fermentation Y-05 Lychee Castillo

Diego Bermudez Washed w/Special Fermentation Y-05 Lychee Castillo

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Origin: Colombia
Region: Cauca
El Paraiso
Diego Bermudez
Washed w/special fermentation
1960 masl
Profile: Fruity, Chocolate, Prickly Texture
120g bag or 240g bag

About the coffee:

The process of this Y-05 Lychee began with the harvesting of the coffee cherries at peak ripeness. The cherries were disinfected with ozone, and transferred to cherry fermentation tanks, where they anaerobically fermented in water for 72 hours. Then the coffee was pulped and demucilaginated. Both the pulp and mucilage were taken to the pilot plant to generate a culture medium for the subsequent fermentation step. The culture medium was then added back with the beans into a pressured tank to ferment for 36 hours. Then the coffee underwent a thermal shock process to seal the coffee and was finally dried in a dehumidifier to prevent over-oxidation.

About the farmer:

Diego Bermudez is a legend. He runs El Paraiso farms and is a master at developing highly-processed coffees. He's scientific in his process, and applies immense care in controlling variables to produce innovative and perspective-changing coffee.

Roaster's notes:

What was really notable about this coffee was its smell. When brewing, make sure to give the brew bed a smell. You should get hints of sweet fruit -- specifically lychee. The brew's taste is also fruit-forward but with undertones of chocolate.

Check out the Y-05 Lychee Brew Guide section for tips on how to brew.


Roast profile:

Additional Notes:

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Currently, our guaranteed roasting days are Friday/Saturday nights. I roast based on order to guarantee you fresh coffee.



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