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Coffee Club V7

Coffee Club V7

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This a product that will be delivered in the future.

In-person pickup will be in front of my N Brooklyn apartment (5 minutes from the Lorimer/Metropolitan Ave stop).

Fulfilment date: Late July to Early August 

Roaster notes:

I'd say this box skews more toward complex florals, medium acidity, and light funk. This box might not be best for someone who is looking for the umami funk or something very perfume-y.


Fincas El Placer:

Origin: Colombia
Region: Quindío
Finca El Placer
Sebastian Ramirez
White Honey
1744 masl
Profile: Bright florals, complex fruit
Funk level: 2/10

About the coffee:

The cherries were collected and sorted to ensure that 95% of them were ripe and 5% were semi-ripe. The beans were then submerged and underwent anaerobic fermentation in 200-L tanks at a constant temperature of 18C. Throughout this process, CO2 was injected for 48 hours.

After this fermentation step, the beans underwent controlled drying through the use of shade nets. Finally, the beans were packaged in grain-pro bags and stabilized for 15 days.

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Finca La Indonesia Washed Pink Bourbon

Origin: Colombia
Region: Nariño, La Union
Finca La Indonesia
Frank Torres
Pink Bourbon
1870 masl
Profile: Lemonade, High Acidity, Clean
Funk level: 3/10

About the coffee:

The harvested Pink Bourbon cherries were measured for their sugar content, ensuring a reading of 22 degrees Brix before processing. The cherries were floated in water to remove defects, and then washed in an ozonated water mixture. The remaining cherries were put into food-grade plastic and dry fermented for 48 hours before being depulped. The depulped coffee than undergoes another dry fermentation for 72 hours. The coffee is then rinsed, and dried on beds for 20-25 days. Finally, the process is finished with 1-2 hours a day of unconvered sun exposure.

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Humure Abishyizehamwe Low Oxygen Natural

Origin: Rwanda
Region: Gatsibo, Rwanda
Washing Station:
Humure Abishyizehamwe
Local smallholder farms
Red Bourbon
Low Oxygen Natural
1800 masl
Profile: Watermelon, Dried fruit, Heavier funk
Funk level: 7/10

About the coffee:

The cherries were first sorted for any visible defects. The cherries were then floated to discard the less dense cherries at the top. The denser coffees (at the bottom) were then packed and sealed into plastic tanks and left to ferment for 72 hours. After this fermentation period, the cherries were turned onto raised drying beds for drying.

Once the moisture content reached 20%, the cherries were covered with mesh netting for 5 days before being opened to full sun. At 15% moisture content, the cherries were moved under complete shade for 5 days before being open again to the full sun. Both ways of drying were thought to alter the rates of drying to promote more fruit flavor complexity. The total drying period was 38 days for this coffee.

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If you have any questions, shoot me a message over at @thoughtfulcoffeenyc.


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